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Milton Train Works™ "Big Green" Farm Equipment


This enjoyable custom kit builds a set of two "big green" tractors and pull behind accessories.

Every layout needs a rural section and these tractors will accent that nicely. As their namesake equipment manufacturer has a worldwide presence, these models will be at home on any layout.

This kit is the first Milton Train Works™ kit that features more than one distinct model, and the first kit that makes non rail vehicles (hence the use of a number in the 5000 range, see numbering scheme for more info on that).

Big Green farm equipment, instructions cover shot

Instruction cover shot

side view

Side view

Here is a view of both tractors and both accessories. Our sturdy farmer is going out spraying in his modern safety cab rig. The plow blade lets him do a little earthmoving if needed. Either that or he was too busy to remove it from last snow season.

Behind him sits "Old Reliable", a vintage tractor with the distinctive higher rounded hood, which is hitched to the farm wagon. They just don't make them like they used to. This beauty has been in hard service on this farm for 50 years or more, and it's still ticking.

In this view our happy farmer is posing. He's a bit of a ham but he's got a lot to be proud of. The two units, although sharing a common wheelbase, differ significantly, and the nose view highlights that.

Both tractors are equipped with headlights for nighttime operation, although they may have been an aftermarket addon on the older unit, since they're not integrated into the hood the way the newer unit has them, but rather are mounted near the controls.

nose view

Front view

Old Reliable on a grade

Old Reliable on a bit of a slope

Towel fold or terrain feature, you decide. Old Reliable is parked on a bit of a slant but those big burly tires have a firm grip on the landscape.

Why did I choose green and yellow as a color scheme? Put it this way, I'm a fan of the company. I have a baby at home (not, to scale, as big as these beauties, it's more of a garden tractor rather than a farm tractor like these workhorses) and nothing can stop it. While this set is not officially licensed, it's my way of showing I'm a fan.

As I said, it should be noted that John Deere™ does not license these designs. Deere and Co. reserve all rights to their trade dress. The colors were chosen as homage to the great Big Green machines of yesterday and today, and while I do not have specific permission, no intent to infringe should be inferred.

Check out the rich detail on the tractor hoods, as well as the rare front wheels, no longer available in today's sets. Also note the exhaust manifold piping on the older tractor, as well as the tiny windshield (you can remove this if you'd rather expose your farmer to the elements when he's out plowing)

Our farmer friend just can't stop grinning. Must be something in the water. Or maybe it's that green baseball cap I gave him so he can show his "big green" pride too. I wonder how far it is to Moline, Illinois from where he's standing?

Happy farmer

Happy farmer

Excerpt from color instructions

Excerpt from color instructions

As with all Milton Train Works™ models, you get a fantastic set of instructions, featuring cropped views, cutaways, subassemblies and other nuances to make this a fast and fun build. These instructions, while not quite "The LEGO® Group" quality, are amazingly close and are thorough and accurate. They will allow you to quickly and correctly assemble this set. You will receive a high quality printed or photocopied set of instructions and a parts list, as well as all the required parts to create one instance of the set.

These instructions were created with MLCad, an LDraw compatible CAD modeling program especially designed for use with LEGO® and compatible elements. I created some custom LDraw elements specifically for this model, to allow me to model the correct control panel (an Aquazone printed tile part that had not previously been rendered).

After the painstaking transcription, I checked the instructions for accuracy, generated the parts list and had a fellow Bricksmith™ print them, doublesided, on a color laser printer, ensuring that you get the sharpest instructions offered by any limited run custom LEGO® kit producer on the market today. (the black and white instructions are printed on my own high speed 600 DPI HP 2100 LaserJet™)

Here we have another excerpt from the instructions. This image shows several of the steps used in wagon assembly.

Please note, special newly devised techniques have been employed in the instruction generation and rendering process to ensure that the part outlines are clearly visible and that you will have no trouble telling part boundaries whether you get color or black and white instructions.

Note that color instructions are an extra cost option, you will be able to assemble the set with the standard black and white but will enjoy the set more if you spring for the color. Why hold back? The color instructions are gorgeous!

Sorry, instructions are NOT available separately. No exceptions.

another image from color instructions

Excerpt from color instructions

Sprayer action scene

Sprayer action scene

In this shot our farmer has hitched the sprayer to Old Reliable, demostrating for us that the accessories are completely interchangable, and he's off to spray (or fertilise, the unit can be used in both applications) another field

This shot really highlights how great this model looks in an action setting on a layout, whether club layouts at major shows, or on that special layout in your basement.

Note that some images may be from the preproduction version.


In this shot we can get a good view of the hitches (featuring the now rare 2x2 towball socket) and the simulated power takeoff areas. You can insert small axles or pins (not included) as you like to further accessorise your tractors.

This model, the ninth all new and completely original design from Milton Train Works is sure to be very popular,and these may be a collectors item some day, since this is a strictly limited run.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by, your layout needs one (or more) of these. It's just the thing for bringing the crops in from the south forty, bringing some realistic action to your layout. Buy today!

Want to really go for the Farming Life? Consider this awesome farmhouse from Lions Gate™ Models!

Rear view

Rear view

Some special notes about this set

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